Monday, September 7, 2009

Driving Around Adventures

Today I picked up my older daughter and we went on a driving adventure. During October I'll be spending most Mondays and Tuesdays supervising community health nursing students doing hearing and vision screening at various schools in the Hopkins School District. I went to find all the involved schools, as well as taking a long, boring drive to one school in the St. Francis School District. Now I have to photoshop the pictures and then post all this information on the course web site.

Along the way I tried to find a new backpack for my oldest granddaughter. Her father was supposed to buy this, but didn't. The day before school starts is not the time to look for a backpack, that's for sure. I did find some replacement for some of my Fiesta dishes that never got packed and moved. While doing that I found some bedding that I feel in love with, and now my bedroom is moving into a whole new direction. Hope to get things organized enough to get the new bed delivered some time next week.

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