Friday, September 11, 2009

More driving around

Out my windows I see a green space, then Shephard Road and then two railroad tracks. Actually the tracks are quite hidden right now by trees. Behind the tracks is a large wall, maybe 75 feet high. It is actually a reinforced bluff for the Mississippi River valley. The valley here is quite large, perhaps 3/4 mile wide, left over from the glacial days. I have been wondering what were the buildings on the top of the bluff. Then this morning I saw a Catholic sister walking about on the top of the bluff. After work I decided to go for a bit of drive to see what is on top of the bluff. I found it is the hospice operated by the Little Sisters of the Poor. A bit to the left is an old Victorian red brick house that is currently being renovated. So that's what is across the valley, and these seem to very nice neighbors.

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