Friday, September 18, 2009

September Walk Adventures

River Barges
Grain Terminal Historic Landmark

Today was the 10th day in September when the afternoon temperature rose above 80 degrees. Minnesotans are loving this. While I was in Poland, Minnesota and many other states was experiencing one of the coolest summers on record. Obviously it was too good a day to stay inside. So I abandoned the computer and went walking for a bit. It is such a joy to walk out the door and find all this beauty.

In this area there is a grain terminal now operated as a small museum. The grain terminal is now a historic landmark, so will stay part of the neighborhood forever. While I was in Poland it go a paint job and looks much better. It marks the time in which farmers organized into cooperatives to ship their grain via the river rather than the railroads which were charging exorbinant fees.

Moored next to the grain terminal are about 8 barges. I think there are staying there for a bit and will soon be filled with harvested grain, corn, and soybeans and then start the trip elsewhere.

The last photo is from the front of the building, the bluff side. There is small rain storage pond there. The fountain is pretty, but more importantly is designed as a way to continue to aerate the water so mosquito larva will not grow.

Love it here.

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