Thursday, December 1, 2011

From Yesterday to Today

Yesterday morning I took a walk, enjoying the warm weather -- at least warm weather for Minnesota -- and admired the colors of the autumn grass.
Today the same type of grasses look like this:
A resident a bit down the street has replaced a Thanksgiving themed flag with an image of the North Wind.
 This was a bit hard to photograph because the north wind was indeed blowing!

I've been intrigued about a small construction project down the way.

Yesterday I watched the dig:
The idea of to dig a trench deep enough that one is level with the place on which I was standing when I took this photo. There is another implement digging a trench from the wall over and under the sidewalk. I'm still puzzled about the purpose of laying pipe through this trench. I can't decide if it is to carry water or small pipes to carry electric cables.
 Today the upper level is being repaired to return it to normal.

I'll go "snoop" tomorrow and see if I can figure out what the purpose of this project is. Hope you enjoy this view of life along the river.

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