Sunday, December 11, 2011

Unusual Perspectives

This is a collection of unusual perspectives which came into my life in the  past several days. Above is a picture of the central plaza of my university's area. The snow now makes it look different. Also I was on the upper story of New Main so I saw the area from a different perspective than ground level.

I walked down the street again to the Science Museum area and took the elevator up to the business district level. I walked out on the plaza by the museum and got this lovely picture of the river just at sunset. Here I'm seven building stories above my usual perspective of the Mississippi River.

The reason for the walk was to go to a couple of ticket offices. Here is a perspective of Rice Park as framed by the overhanging arch in front of the Ordway Theatre.

But here's the one that really surprised me.
Look carefully to the left of the red brick house in this photo and you will see the moon. I don't often see this out of my northwest window at breakfast time!

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