Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Kids

We had our family gift exchange on Saturday, Christmas Eve Day, since Christmas fell on Sunday when my daughter and the grandchildren spend an extensive time at their church. The kids had a great day.

Here's my little granddaughter all dressed up like a chef.

And now playing nurse:

My grandson wanted a portable DVD player very much. He go lucky. A couple of Sundays ago I took some of the Global Volunteer country managers shopping. They are savvy to the U.S. ways, asked me to stop first for a newspaper so they could get the shopping coupons. Later in the day I was looking through the various ads before putting them in the recycling bag and discovered a very good player was on sale that day at Target so back shopping I went. I got the very last one available in that particular Target store. He might never have received this gift had it not been for the GV country mangers!
My older granddaughter spent time with me in Poland this past summer. She discovered some lotion there that she really liked. She asked, "Will you get me 100 bottles so I will have enough until you go back to Poland next year?" I set my goal for 10 and it took shopping in Warsaw, Siedlce, and Kielce to acquire that many. Often this lotion would have an empty shelf. We were not the only ones who liked this particular blend.

My older daughter and I spent a quiet Christmas Day. It was lovely!

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