Tuesday, December 6, 2011

When Will It Snow?

Some time in late autumn this becomes a common question: When do you think we will get snow? I always say I know exactly when. I know the date that Global Volunteers is bringing in the country managers from around the world for the annual training event. That's when it will snow!

 I have made 5 trips to the airport picking up country managers from Poland, Romania, China, India, Greece and Peru. The first three evenings only two of them were here, so I went to their hotel each evening and took them somewhere for an evening meal. One of the early arrivals was the country manager from Tanzania. When he arrived he was so disappointed because there was no snow. The second night we got a dusting of snow to delight our Tanzanian guest, and then on Saturday afternoon, just as if someone turned on a switch, the snow began to fall. It always surprises me that some of these visitors look forward to seeing Minnesota winter.

I took a walk early on Sunday morning and found some delightful scenes. We received 3-4 inches of snow where I live and the snow arrived without any wind. Thus, surprises were everywhere.
Won't sit here for awhile!
Reflection of High Bridge in the Mississippi River


The posts are wearing their snow caps

If the construction wasn't done, it is now!

Even a fence glows in the winter

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Shaz said...

Your photos are fascinating. You certainly pick interesting subjects. We lived in Shoreview in the late 1960s and remember the SNOW. The flags on the fire hydrants and corners; the one narrow driveway to a 2-1/2 car garage. What I liked the most was waking up in the middle of the night to absolute silence and knew it was snowing outside. And the block parties after a blizzard.