Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sister's Catechism -- What Happened to the Magi's Gold?

Today I did my walk down the street, up the elevator in the Science Museum Parking Ramp and then on to the Ordway Theater. I attended Sister's Catechism -- What Happened to the Magi's Gold? I didn't know exactly what to expect and when I looked at the program I was further confused. There was no listing of characters or scenes in the program. It turns out that is basically a one-woman show and the audience is part of the cast.

Sister made a couple of ladies in the audience take tissues and cover up their cleavage! She chided those looking at their programs and not paying attention to the "lesson." People were given "prizes" for good behavior!

She inquired about the first names of the Virgin Mary's parents. One man popped off the names and then later easily provided the given names for the three Wise Men.  When asked if he had attended Catholic school he answered, "Yes, nine years of H*ll."

As the program developed Sister explained she was a great fan of Forensic Files and so wanted to solve the mystery of what happened to the Magi's gold by recreating the scene and the considering motive and opportunity. To re-create the Nativity scene, audience members were recruited and then dressed in the best clothing that one could purchase from the Good Will -- not just clothing -- robes for Wise Men were made from drapes and table clothes!

 The mystery was solved, but I'll not tell. You will have to figure it out for yourself.

Here's a bit of the finale:

At the end of the performance "Sister" came back on stage to discuss the need of retired nuns who have no means of support because the Catholic Church decided, for many years, not to participate in the Social Security program. She said she would be out front with a bucket to collect for two groups of sisters. And she was -- the bucket looked as if it was decorated by school children.

I had checked my coat, and so paused to look for the claim check. I had tucked the plastic token into a pocket of my wallet and it wasn't there. I thought perhaps it had dropped out into my purse. I looked and looked and couldn't find it. Decided just to go to coat check to see what they could do. They laughed, and said, "Do you mean this coat?" Turns out somehow the plastic token had been found on the floor and turned in by one of the ushers.

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