Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March Meandering

Late last week I had to drive to a northern suburb for the faculty organization Delegate Assembly. I drove back home both days on different routes. And of course, there are errands and tasks that took me to other places in the past few days.

On Saint Paul's beautiful Summit Avenue I saw wonderful signs of spring.

And this lawn of blue just took my breath away. I stopped after grocery shopping to take the photos below. Aren't I lucky to have such a beautiful place on a my route to grocery shopping?

Here is a close up view of these flowers.

Yesterday I had the need to walk through downtown Saint Paul. My travels took to the Landmark Center, largely to use the ATM there. Then I started to cut through Rice Park and I saw blocks of ice. My first thought was that I was seeing the last blocks of ice associated with bar that was there during the Winter Carnival. I also thought that this was impossible because of the very warm weather we have been enjoying. Here' what I found.

I was a bit puzzled about why someone encased a bicycle in ice. Later in the day I learned this is publicity for the Nice Rice program. Nice Ride is a public bike sharing program.

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