Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More Signs of Spring

Out for a walk this morning at what should be sunrise, but because of clouds, there is no sun to be seen. I did, however, find this forsythia bush showing off its colors. I always associate these with late April, so its showing of  colors early is another sign of the unusually warm weather we are having.

Speaking of signs -- Near the place where the trails interface with Upper Landing Park I found the sign below.
 Before taking the walk I was writing content for a new course and making the observations that policies in different states make a difference in health status. This sign may be a reminder of why Minnesota and Saint Paul are good places to live. In some places, the idea of residents getting together to do a spring clean-up of a public place would be quite a foreign idea.

I noticed a goose in a new home. You can easily see this is a one goose nest!

I thought that if this goose was on HGTV's House Hunters there would be complaints that the master bedroom was not big enough.

The mate is hanging out on the river!

Can't complain about the clouds -- we surely need the rain!

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