Monday, March 19, 2012

Signs of Spring

Today I took a drive to my auto shop for an oil change for my car. My new car's computer automatically shows a message when either one gets to the right amount of mileage or right amount of time for an oil change. This is a mixed blessing, for I was becoming annoyed with the message appearing every time I started the car. The nice thing is that I wrote an exam for a course while waiting for the oil change.

When coming home I noticed a tree at the gate trying to show off its spring colors.
Here is a close up of the bloom on the tree.

When leaving home this morning I noticed a pair of ducks in the pond by the gate. I decided to take a walk along the pond to see what I could see. No ducks apparently trying to make a home for raising a family. I noticed how low the pond is with the continuing lack of snow/rain in this area. Maybe the ducks did too!

I noticed some shrubs along the pond already showing a lot of green.
On the way back to my apartment I found this fat robin.

We always say the fat ones have spent the winter further south!

As I write I can see a lot of green color showing on the trees across Shephard Road and up on the nearby bluff. I didn't notice this color yesterday, so the warm weather is moving spring along quite quickly.

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