Thursday, March 8, 2012

Visiting Sheldon Museum

Today my friend and I went to the Sheldon Art Museum here in Lincoln. The prime thing on our list was to see a new collection of Andy Warhol pictures here.

What took my eye though first was a model train exhibit.


Nearby is a gallery with art related somehow to trains. Since so many transcontinental trains cross Nebraska, trains are a big topic here.

The Andy Warhol exhibit are Polaroid pictures he took of friends who came by his apartment sometime in the 1960s. This museum received 153 of this photos. Reading elsewhere, this is one small part of a huge collection which has recently been donated to museums across the country.
One can see familiar faces as well those who are not celebrity figures.

We enjoyed all the other galleries. This museum organizes a bit differently than others I have visited. For example, one gallery featured art that illustrated the symbiotic relationship between artists and galleries. Another featured the relationship between artists and models. Another room held art related to the broad theme of revolution. The room will hold a variety of mediums related to the theme, not limited to paintings. 

In the atrium is an unusual piece. 

This sculpture is made of a rubber cast. 

Our next stop was lunch at The Oven, an Indian restaurant. 
Oh yum! 

One of the publications put out by the Nebraska Tourist Council says something like people from the East and West coasts think this is the middle of nowhere. When Nebraskans hear this, they just smile, because they know they have all the amenities of the coasts, but way less hassle!

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