Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Picture Made of Pictures

On Tuesday I went to the Minnesota History Center and I will write more about the primary reason in a future blog posting. But first, a Pictures Made of Pictures.

Every Minnesotan knows about the Split Rock Lighthouse. It is located north of Duluth, about halfway between there and the Canadian border. But since most readers of this blog aren't from Minnesota, click here to find out more about this famous place. Have I been there! Of course, many times.

What took my eye at the Minnesota History Center was this picture that looks like a mosaic of the lighthouse.

Below is a view of just a portion.

Reading the signs by the picture I discovered the mosaic is made out of photos taken by hundreds, if not thousands, of people of the lighthouse and its surrounding area. These photos all were found on the Flicker site.

What a cool idea!

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