Thursday, January 16, 2014

It's Not Cookie Cutter

Stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops-- the call for every new construction done recently in the United States. And if one watches HGTV programs often people walk into a place and complain it's "cookie cutter." Let me translate this complaint to my readers in other countries.When baking sweets, a cookie cutter is used to make every cookie the same shape and size. It's "cookie cutter" means people think every house or apartment looks like everyone in the area.

I have recently moved and was surprised by decor. Never thought to ask when considering this move and it's definitely not cookie cutter!

Well balconies are not unique, but I like this recent view of mine. One can tell the snowfall came without wind by the snow is piled up on the tiny railings. Once in awhile we've had enough warm weather that some of the snow has melted on the balcony floor that I know what it looks like, but I haven't stepped out yet since my move in mid-December.

I was walking back on Tuesday and had to wait out front a few minutes because there was a cherry picker -- a slang name for equipment that allows workers and supplies to be moved up high -- operating out in the front. The workers were busy inserting new panels over the front door. It has rows of LED lights which unfortunately don't show up well in this photo.

But wait --look at the benches in the front.

Below is a view of the almost completed concierge desk.

When my younger daughter came to visit she noticed the rack in the back and asked, "You have bellhops here?" No, we don't but these are the very nice carts we have to moving packages and groceries up to our apartments.

Above is the decor on the sixth floor lobby areas, the floor on which I live.

On the other hand, the 2nd floor lobby area looks like this. The wall goes with the flooring on the sunken living rooms which are a feature of the 2nd floor apartments.

Here is the full kitchen in the clubroom area, an area which is not yet quite completed. This room has a mirror on the ceiling as well as a mirror on the south wall. The north wall opens out over the courtyard area where the swimming pool is located.

I live opposite the clubroom. The balcony on the left on the top floor is mine. The brown structure on the lower left is part of the "cabana" area. I can't quite figure out how this will work yet, but spring will come soon and then we will see how this all works out.

And to make sure we don't get complacent with the gray and red colors about, here's the 10th Street lobby-- the front door to the building -- in aqua blue!

So it's definitely not cookie cutter. There is something to see everywhere!

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