Thursday, January 30, 2014

Century Link Finally Figured It

After many phone calls to Century Link about discontinuing my internet service when I moved,  and then numerous postal mail exchanges and e-mails again, I got an e-mail today that someone reviewed my file and found the service was discontinued! For a technology communication company, it certainly doesn't know how to use computer records and technological supported communications.

They have acknowledged they in fact owe me a refund rather than more bills!

I started writing about Century Link in my blog and on Facebook, for while in the midst of this problem I found a post from someone who said the problem got quickly solved when he/she started to proclaim the problem on social media! Well in addition I found that one state alone has about 5000 complaints in its Better Bureau Services about Century Link's lack of competence in billing! In my last correspondence I said, "Fix it or I'm taking complaints to the Better Business Bureau and the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission." Nice to finally be done with moving.

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