Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Start of Winter Carnival

Friday afternoon was actually a time when the temperature was in the mid 20s (20F = -6 C). I decided it was a good time for walk to see what was happening with Winter Carnival. Walked first to the bagel shop and enjoyed a bagel and coffee, sort of like lunch.

Then I continued along 7th Place where I found an ice carving honoring the Minnesota Wild.

Over at Rice Park I found people enjoying hot dogs.

Rice Park also had this ice sculpture in front of Landmark Center.

Opposite this is the Ice Bar.
Thursday, the day before my walk, had been a dreadfully cold day and so the major ice carving competition was just getting underway. The day before would not have been a safe day to be out.

Here is a video that shows more about how this done.

Usually I have a problem getting to the ice sculptures before they melt! This year, polar vortex winter, that is not a problem. The next two days are not to have any temperatures warmer than -10 degrees (-23C).

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