Saturday, January 25, 2014

Problems with Century Link

Before I moved my Internet and TV services were provided by Century Link, which brought out Qwest which was the provider when I moved into the building where this was the only option.

In October before moving I contacted Century Link about discontinuing services and was told that I could only do that within 30 days of the move. So in late November I called back again. Century Link representatives assured me that the service would be discontinued on December 16. I unplugged the modem and moved it in a box. Soon I received all the instructions for returning the modem to Century Link to some office in Kansas.

Now I'm getting repeated contacts to pay a bill for service from January 16- February 2. This makes no sense.

When one searches on the Internet it becomes easy to find thousands of complaints about Century Link's billing service including more than 1000 complaints filed against Century Link with the Better Business Bureau.

One person said the problem went away when the problem got into social media, so I'm writing about this company here as well as on Facebook.

The TV part of this service was Direct TV and I have nothing but good things to say about that side of the service. They did everything I asked in a very timely and professional fashion.

But the Internet side of Century Link -- watch out. 

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