Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Day of Errands

Well, the information about this blog mentions the word mundane, and today was mundane, a day of errands. I first went to the Metropolitan State University Library and checked out a number of books related to a research project I'm doing for a wonderful non-profit agency, Mano a Mano, located here in the Twin Cities as well with counterpart organizations in Bolivia.

Next I went to the credit union to deposit some checks and to get some papers notarized. I am the guardian for my older daughter and have to annually file a report with the probate court. Some of the papers require my signature to be witnessed and that is what notarization is all about. I've become aware through my travels that notary is used differently in other countries.

My next "errand" was what would be called in Poland, second breakfast.

Then I went to a nearby T-Mobile shop and got my phone plan changed so that I have international service on it. I later sent a text message to an individual in Poland and I'm waiting to see if was received. I will give the phone a good text, too, when I go to Bolivia next month. I told the shop attendant I was wise enough, however, not to expect the phone to work from on top of an Andes Mountain! Then I begged for them to do something about Lincoln, NE, which is a dead place for T-Mobile.

I then went to my hair salon for a re-do. The humidity of Florida made to realize I had too much hair!

My next errand was to a nearby grocery store. Only three months to wait until the grocery store opens in my building, and I can just go downstairs and walk across the parking area and be at the grocery store. I'll probably go everyday!

My final errand was to the car insurance office. I received a phone call about two weeks ago about coming to a defensive driving course on a certain date, but realized later there was no mention of where or what time of day.

Back home to relax and enjoy reading one of my mystery novels, and then back to reading about the Little Ice Age, a climate change in the 13th-15th centuries that seems to have missed most of our attention.

And I'm enjoying bright sunshine now nearly at 5 PM, when just a month ago it would have been darkness now. Spring will come. With a south facing set of windows I can watch the sun move through different areas of my apartment. Waiting impatiently for the snow to melt off the balcony so I can finally walk out there -- perhaps next week when we have some days with a forecasted temperature in the 40s.

So here's to mundane. Have to do some these things sometimes so the other days can be fun and adventurous!

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