Sunday, February 9, 2014

Disney Adventure 2014 -- Day 6

We awoke to cool weather -- at least for Florida-- and with threats of a rainy day. We moved slow and finally got to the bus stop and went to Olivia's for breakfast. Our waitress looked at my daughter and said, "Omelet plain with cheese?" She remembered us from another day, and she was right. My daughter had found the omelets to be her very breakfast favorite.

We took the bus to Animal Kingdom and walked slowly toward to the Asia area. For the first time I saw the Green Lady. Yes, she has a better name, but what it is escapes me.

Look carefully and you will see this is more than a vine crawling up a pole. 

Our goal this morning was the Finding Nemo- Musical. I had never seen this show and wow! the puppet work is absolutely amazing. 

 The above is actually a puppet.

This show is being done because Disney has closed down Lion King for six months while that theater is being relocated somehow to the Africa area. The area where Lion King has been presented is being turned into an Avatar area. 

After this we walked into Dinoland and did the tricerptors ride. 
 We were headed to Asia again for the bird show when we got sidetracked to go visit Pooh again. 

When we finally found the bird show we had 45 minutes to wait -- and since it was a bit rainy, standing around didn't seem like a good idea. So we went to It's Tough to be a Bug show. 

In this line we became a worker for Disney for a few minutes. Several times we've been handed a tag like this to give to the very last cast member we see in a queue for a ride or attraction. This person scans it and that updates the wait time for the attractions.

After the bug show we went to try the safari again. On the way we enjoyed these musicians. 

I wondered if we would see animals on a rainy day, but we certainly had some luck. 

I like the giraffes and they were wandering all over the road. The safari truck has to stop for them and one can get some good pictures. 

Saw the white rhinos quite well too. 

The rain seemed to be coming down more seriously, so we headed back to our resort and had a late lunch there. My daughter was wanting salad so she chose that with spicy chicken soup. A good lunch for a cool, rainy day. 

 We went back to our room for a rest. Then my daughter wanted a milkshake and that wasn't on the menu at Olivia's. So we took the bus to Downtown Disney and went to Ghiradella. 
We looked in the World of Disney show and then headed back to the bus stop. This particular bus stop serves about five different resorts and is confusing the first time one uses it. Also there were people at this stop from several other countries. Mobile phones are a blessing. They could pull up the name of their resort and I could show them the line to stand in or gather information for them. 

We watched a bit of the first Olympic broadcasts in our room. A nice day at Disney.

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