Friday, February 21, 2014

Crashed Ice Weekend

It's Crashed Ice Weekend in Saint Paul. This is the third year one of these events has been held here. The video above is from 2013. I'm close enough to almost walk to see it, but the temperature is now falling again below 0 and I mean 0 in Fahrenheit. So I'm simply trying to remember that the streets I normally drive are closed this weekend. It's too cold to stand outdoors and watch this.

And I just heard on a local TV segment that this is definitely a "severe" winter here. It's the ninth coldest since records started in 1873 and the coldest winter in 35 years, so perhaps I'm not a wimp.  We've had 44 days when the temperature did not reach 0 and we may add a few more in the coming 10 days. Also this same segment showed a map which showed the rest of world is having the warmest January on record! We are undoubtedly unlucky with the polar vortex!

While my daughter and I were at Disney World we overheard a woman who lives in Virginia say on a bus that her husband would not go outdoors if the temperature was 40 degrees or below (easy conversion to Celsius --that's 4). Right now I'm studying and writing about climate change and one important thing to understand about climate is that people in different climates have different ideas of acceptable climate.

So let's just Crash Ice!

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