Monday, February 3, 2014

Disney Adventure 2014 -- Day 2

After having a busy first day, we slept late. When we had ourselves together for another day we grabbed the first bus that came along and rode it to the Hospitality House. There I made us a lunch reservation for Wednesday and then we went to Olivia's Restaurant and had a lovely omelet breakfast.

Next we took a bus to Hollywood Studios, not to go to that park, but to grab the boat that goes between the Studios and Epcot. We took it all the way to Epcot where we arrive a bit after 11:00 at the International Gate. We took a left turn and went to the UK Pavilion. There my daughter got her photo taken the Alica in Wonderland as well as with Mary Poppins.

Next we went along to France where first we watched the lovely film, Impressions of France. After the film we split a ham and brie sandwich and each of us had a bottle of orange juice.

Our next footsteps took us to the Morocco exhibit. We wandered through the different areas and then almost literally stumbled into a chance to meet Aladdin and Jasmine.

Our next steps took us to the Japanese Pavilion where the drummers were just beginning.

 We noticed the performers, the Ziti Sisters, at Italy just coming out to the plaza and decided to watch. Good thing we did. My daughter was thrilled that she got to dance with them.

Next we went to the American Pavilion where we enjoyed the short concert given by the Voices of Liberty.

Then we watched the presentation about American History.

We then walked to the Chinese Pavilion to see the acrobat show. Here is one of the acrobats holding a figurine in both hands, on both feet, and in her mouth.

Then we walked to the Mexico Pavilion and did the boat ride there.

By this time we were getting tired and hungry. We made our way, using a couple of boats, to the Beach Club Resort where we went to the Beaches and Cream restaurant.

This proves one can now eat healthy at Disney. The hot dog is smothered with cabbage and red peppers, and we had apple slices rather than French fries. However, I did top off my meal with a hot fudge sundae and my daughter had a vanilla malt. All of this was very, very good.

From the Beach Club we took a bus to Downtown Disney and from there another bus back to our resort, Old Key West.

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