Thursday, February 20, 2014

Snow,snow, snow!

Oh, will this winter ever end? What we've missed is a January thaw. Without that the snow is really piling up. Now we are getting more, and after this snow has ended the temperature is about to go to single digits or even below zero again for a few days.

I had a medical appointment this morning and took the bus to and from, not knowing exactly when the storm would roll in. Also this was an appointment for my eyes and I didn't know for certain how much my vision might be compromised. The last time I did this I sat there in the waiting room for about an hour allowing my vision to return to normal before attempting to drive a car. This time all I had to do was walk across the street and hop on the bus.

I returned about 11:30 and the weather was turning to light rain. About 4 PM this afternoon it turned to snow.  I just looked out the balcony door and decided to try for a photo which appears below.
The balcony railings, fence, and support cable are coated with this wet snow. The slightly brown red cast comes from the neon red 1 which is on the top of the 1st National Bank Building. What looks like a vertical light in the middle of the photo is actually a billboard, set to display on the nearby freeway.

A friend reminded me this evening I will soon be out of the snow. Yes, in about two weeks I'm leaving to spend a week in the Southern Hemisphere.

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