Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Airport Adventure

Today is a day I've awaited for for a long time. Dorota arrived today from Poland. I started watching her flight from Europe on the web about the time that the plane reached the Canadian/US border at New Brunswick and Maine. She came via Paris to Atlanta. I cleaned up all kinds of odd jobs off my desk while watching the plane move down the eastern seaboard. I saw it arrived in Atlanta late and that she only had an hour to catch her flight to the Twin Cities. I was happy when I saw the next flight come up with a late time! I left home when I saw this flight was over Indiana, mostly because I could hardly stand the waiting anymore.

At the airport I saw a huge group of people gathering where I was waiting. I asked a woman who they were expecting. She explained her daughter and son-in-law where bringing home a baby from Colombia. Oh, did that all bring back memories. And was this little guy a heart throb when he got here.

Meanwhile, where was Dorota? Finally my cell phone rang and she asked where I was. She had come down a different stair, had collected her luggage, and was waiting for me at our fall back meeting place of a coffee shop in the baggage area. It is so good to see her here again in Minnesota!

I brought her to the family she will stay with while she is here, arriving there at about 8:30 PM. She has been up and traveling since 10 PM last night Minnesota time! Now we will have some fun later in the week.


A Greenspan said...

What fund? Maybe I could recommend one...

Lori said...

I made an error. I mean to say having fun, not fund! But thank your for your quick comment and support. I'm a volunteer for Global Volunteers and Dorota is the Poland country manager. Check out to learn more.