Sunday, December 7, 2008

Global Brunch

Today I had the pleasure of taking two guests, one from China and one from Poland, to brunch. We had a lovely time at the Nicollett Island Inn. The food was wonderful, but outshadowed by the good conversation. We talked about what Americans find strange when they visit China or Poland, and what my friends find strange about the United States.

After brunch, my Polish friend and I participated in an American custom,taking things back. She had purchased some shoes and then after speaking with her husband decided to exchange them for some better choices. This great custom of return doesn't take place in Poland. I told her to go home this this: On December 26 a store such as Target will have a multitude of tables right at the front door to take care of all the returns coming in that day.

I feel so fortunate to have stumbled into an activity that allows me to do something such as having brunch with people from two other countries.

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