Sunday, February 22, 2009

Adventures with Ice

A blog that I read about living in Poland recently had a posting about Polish ice cube trays and then some comments. Yes, we Americans are surely different than Europeans when it comes to ice. Diet Coke without ice is simply not the same thing. I always remind myself that I'll have to give this up for several weeks while traveling. However, after several stays at Reymontowka now I've learned I can go to the kitchen and ask for ice. In the summer of 2007 one of the language camps had students and staff also from Germany. The German teacher looked at my glass of ice and said, "Where's the scotch?"

We are "contaminating" Poland. At Reymontowka during the summer language camps the only thing one can buy in the bar are soft drinks. Much to my amazement, in 2008 when I asked for Diet Coke, the young woman asked if I wanted ice!

When I was in the Ukraine in 2007, the weather was dreadfully hot -- 90s in the F scale and 32 at least in the C scale. There was a McDonald's one block from my hotel that was both air conditioned and sold Diet Coke (called Coke Light in most places I've been) with ice. Oh happy day!

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