Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More Adventures with Silliness

But the positive kind! On a blog regarding how to speak Polish, the writer recently posted an entry that concludes that it is easier for a priest to get married than it is to speak Polish. How funny!

Now perhaps somewhat related. I'm presently enjoying the film, An Angel in Krakow. I had no idea what Netflix was delivering to me. I put it in the DVD player and was proud that I could make my way through all the opening credits with a good idea of what an indicated person's role was for the film. Then the screen goes white and one hears Elvis Presley singing, Love Me Tender, and one is off for an amazing and fun time.

I know I'm enjoying this more because I've been to Poland. I keep finding things that tell me it's really Poland, such as the laundry drying everywhere. Yes, he's in Krakow. I can recognize the famous buildings in the Stary Rynek. However, how he gets there is a mystery to me. The roads he drives with a couple are very flat, nothing but grain fields, and no buildings or trees in sight. I'm wondering just where the director found this vista in Poland. I've never gotten to Krakow on any road that looks like that. (And yes, I know perhaps for artistic reason the director wanted something that was bleak and without clues, for the poor Angel was to be sent to Holland, but the angel in charge of transport tricks him and sends the Angel to Poland instead.) But what fun! I'll be talking about this film for a long time.

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