Saturday, February 7, 2009

Spring Adventure #1

I decided to walk to the nearby public library branch this afternoon. We've been having a couple of days of warm weather so there is much water about. My usual path is to walk up to the corner, up the hill and then across the park. There is a walkway across the park, but it isn't cleared in the winter so as to not interrupt sliding down the nearby hill. I watched four boys having a wonderful time. The hillside was nearly ice and with a bit of water on it, they sailed for nearly half a block after coming to the bottom of the hill. And no I don't mean on a street. Just the distance inside the park.

I had to mush my way around some big puddles to finally get into the library. I decided to try a less challenging way home. Not! Every sidewalk has huge big puddles trapped by snow banks on each side. One had to walk up on the snow banks to get around. My next sign of spring I'll be looking for is to hear the male cardinals calling out their territory. That usually happens in just the next few days of February.

And of course, I should note it's 5:30 PM as I write, and it's no longer totally dark outside!

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