Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Camp Weddings

Wedding Palace Sign
Claire's wedding

We may think the children come to learn English, but their goal certainly is to have great fun. One of the highlights of camp sessions is camp wedding night, a custom that never would happen in the US if the camp director wishes to retain a job! However this appears to be a great Polish camp tradition.

Girls were observed gathering flowers during the afternoon, running through the halls planning their make-up and generally having a good time. Boys were involved in somehow fashioning wedding rings.

At 8 PM we gathered in the tent and 8 couples got married. The mariage vows include the bride's promise to wash socks and the groom's promise to make enough money to buy blueberry tarts. These promises last until the camp ends in two days! Some brides answered Nie to the sock question! Two of the volunteers got "married." One made sure that the marriage ended tonight!

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