Saturday, August 1, 2009

Visting Zamek

Castle at Liw
Blackened walls from burning during war with Sweden
Helmets on

We shared our home in Kiesielany with a couple from France who are adopting three Polish children. They told us that the castle is Liw was a very interesting place to visit. This appeared to be of great interest to our 17 year old volunteer very interested in middle ages warfare. So we went on Thursday afternoon. The tower seen in the picture is original, built in the middle 1400s to fortify the border between the Duchy of Poland and Lithuania. It is on one side of a small river which formed the border.

The blackened wall comes from the war with Sweden in the 1600s.

There is also a museum on side which has a large display of armaments from the middle ages through World War II. I was pleased to see a portrait of Dambrowki, the Dambrowki sung about in the Polish national anthem.

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