Sunday, August 9, 2009


Manor House
Wooden Church

Yesterday I rode on the bus to Warsaw with the students. They went to a movie and then the Warsaw Zoo. I went with a volunteer, visiting Poland for the first time, to the Warsaw Uprising Museum. Following about a two hour visit I helped him find the Marriott Hotel where he met a bus for a city tour. I went nearby to a shopping center and broused the book store and then had a beautiful ice cream sundae in a shop. It arrived in a serving glass that had a stem at least 8 inches high. The only way to eat it was to hold it in one's lap!

At 5 PM, the volunteer returned and we went back to the shopping center for a beer before taking the train back to Kotun. Poland is beginning definitely to feel like home, as I find my way around with some ease.

Today was a quiet Sunday. Parents come to visit. I've spent the day doing this and that, but nothing exciting.

Thus, I have a chance to write about our visit to Sinoleka on Thursday. First, I don't have a Polish keyboard so I can't write the name of this place correctly. It is pronounced Shin-o-wen-ka.

We went first to Liw, which I wrote about earlier. Then our host decided to see if we might see Sinoleka. This property has recently been restored by the owner. It consists of a palace, a manor house, and a wooden church. The owner graciously showed us around the gardens, treated us to cake fresh from the oven, and showed us all the beautiful rooms on the ground floor of the palace. New volunteers are always overwhelmed when they experience such Polish hospitality.

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