Friday, August 7, 2009

The Dating Game

Tonight the kids played, "Blind Date," a game that resembles the old TV program Dating Game. Three candidates are asked questions and then their answers are placed into a skit. For example, one boy said he wanted a girl with walnut hair after being asked for the name of a nut.

This is always funny to watch. However, we adults did have a ROL moment when one girl who wasn't chosen looked at the potential date and then jumped for joy that she wasn't chosen. She was still rejoicing and jumping for joy when she walked up the steps to the porch.

More tomorrow after I have a chance to download some photos and then write more. I enjoyed an afternoon of relaxation on what was simply a perfect summer day. We couldn't access the Internet because of a poles being taken down, I suspect by accident, and then shutting off the electricity to the server that provides our wireless service here.

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