Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The day of wine

Today we taught two sessions of English and then used two session times for showing the film, Happy Feet, in English. Then we adjourned to the dining room to have lunch with the Siedlce County Governnor. Our meal began with a shrimp salad in half an avocado. We then had the usual course of soup, this time Polish white bean soup. We then had cutlet and french fries accompanied by cucumber is white cream. This was accompanied by a lovely red wine. We all enjoyed our conversation with the Governor very much. Marek, the Reymontowka Director, explained the camp will be my last "grupa" this summer.

Later in the afternoon we were treated with a concert by a talented young man. I've known him now for three years, and was surprised to see how much he has grown this past year. His music continues to be terrific.

We had spaghetti for kolacja, this meal also accompanied by wine to celebrate the promotion of one of our Polish English teachers. The evening activity was lip sync. I spent the evening doing class preparation. I learned I missed something. Our young man volunteer dressed like a Spice Girl.

I said this fun is the reason that volunteers keep coming back to Poland over and over.

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