Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Key Word -- Flexibility

It doesn't take long for new volunteers, without regard to where they are serving, to learn that the key word is flexibility. Things change at a moment's notice, usually without any upset in the host community, but upsetting to Americans because they believe things should be planned and carefully implemented.

This team goes with the flow. At the evening meal we believed that the evening's activity was the camp wedding night. About 30 minutes later we learned it would be tomorrow night instead.

I went out into the tent to observe one of the team members helping students learn Tae Kwan Do (sorry if I have misspelled). One of my students approached me and asked, "Where is Miss Dorota?" I explained that she goes home for the evening, and then asked if I could help. She said, "I must tell her that Mr. Steve will be getting a new wife." So stay tuned for the next report which may feature some wedding pictures.

Since there wasn't anything planned for the evening that needed English teachers, we decided to watch a movie instead. We chose Hangover, a movie set in Las Vegas.

It's hard to believe sometime that I'm not at home. It feels so comfortable and like home here.

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