Thursday, June 14, 2012

Birthday Celebration

My younger granddaughter turned 3 on May 29, and her mom was planning a swim party early in June. Plans fell through because they moved on June 1 and my daughter has been busy getting a new place settled. So that my older daughter and I could help celebrate before I leave for Poland next week, we got together for a late party yesterday afternoon at a Culver's in Saint Paul.

Above is Aunt Elena with her nieces and nephew.

And Miss Nini tore through her birthday gifts from Elena and me in about three minutes -- all clothing to keep a stylish young girl well dressed for the summer.

I'm not the only one doing things. Elena is looking forward to going to fishing camp. My grandson is being honored this weekend with a trip to Massachusetts, a trip he earned through having a good GPA and taking first place in a squash tournament. He has never liked sports -- don't know who at his school turned him on to this game. Glad he found something he can truly play all his life. And later this summer he is also going to Japanese language camp. With their move, he is now eligible to go to a high school which has a strong  Japanese program. He has been interested in this language now for three years. He is a good artist so making the characters comes easier for him than it might for others.

Hope you enjoy a bit of a celebration.

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