Sunday, June 24, 2012

Walking around Siedlce

Usually when I'm in Siedlce the time is short. In the past I've come on a Friday night and then left very early on a Saturday morning for Zakopane. When at Reymontowka we make a fast trip into Siedlce to meet with the county government officials and have a short time for shopping errands. To have time to wander around the city is a great! (And my schedule is different this year because in the past there have been two Zakopane camps with an overlapping week. I went to the first one and then had a travel week before the Reymontowka camps began. The first summer camp got cancelled this year so I am doing the second Zakopane camp. I had my plane ticket purchased before the camp schedule changed and that's why I'm having a relaxing time in Siedlce instead and then departing on Monday for a few days in Lublin.)

Yesterday I spent some time walking through neighborhoods that were new to me and some areas I've not seen for a couple of years. Here's some of the things I saw.

I happened upon this very old building. It has a lot of character. In somewhat the same neighborhood I found this one too.

I liked the look of this one too. I think my photography skills are not giving justice to how much character there is the appearance of this building. I thought these buildings could tell a story, and I am right. On the same street I found this new plaque:

It was affixed late last year -- so I've not been missing this for years. I can halfway make out the Polish -- but I'll turn this into a short language lesson at the language camp and have the students do a translation for me. I will be interested too in finding out what they can tell me about Solidarity actions in Siedlce. Now mind you-- they will have learned this in a history class or heard stories from their grandparents -- for the students were born much later than all this.

Other things that took my eye while walking:

this interesting sun dial,

this old door,

how beautiful the tower on the museum building, and

this shiny shade on a floor lamp that proves I'm somewhere taking a photo.

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