Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Morning in Siedlce

I woke up way too early and anxiously awaited breakfast at 7:30. Came back and wrote the blog entry below and then headed out for the nearby park to walk and perhaps find a good place to read.

I found a bench by the pond and was enjoying the view.

I particularly liked the fact that the ripples in the pond turned the windows in the reflected buildings into a kinetic sculpture. (Note: The video below is much more enjoyable if watched without sound.)

I got engrossed in a book reading about the policies of the Allied Powers and the Nazis that led to a huge number of people post WW II being regarded as displaced persons. In the midst of this someone says, "Hi Lori." I looked up and found it was one of my former students along with his wife, little boy, and their extended families. We had made plans to get together in July in Warsaw. They happened to be in Siedlce this weekend for a wedding and we happened to get to the park at the same place at the same time.

Bartek and me on Sunday Morning

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