Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mundane to Wonderful

I had to go to a meeting at work today and was glad I grabbed a free parking spot for the meeting took less than 15 minutes. If I had a paid a parking fee for such a short time, I wouldn't have been happy. While there a storm really rolled into the Twin Cities.

The photo above is not evening -- it's 9:45 AM this morning. All the streets light came on because it was so dark.

It seemed like a good day to come home and read a book and just generally try to act like I was retired. A few minutes after I got back, the storm really hit and the rain came down accompanied by some thunder claps.

When the storm rolled on I decided it was time to take care of some last minute details before leaving for Europe next week.

First stop was the REI store. I wanted a jacket I got almost stuff in a pocket to take especially to Zakopane where it may be cool and/or rainy. Had good luck. Then went down the road to Herberger's for some last minute clothes shopping. Good success there. Then across the intersection to Target to buy some batteries for my Ipod speaker.

Decided to get a couple more things off my list, so stopped by the office for my car insurance to make sure all details were at last correct. They flubbed up on my insurance in May and I then this week I got some things in the mail I didn't understand. Now we are all on the same page.

Decided then to to the health clinic to pick up some supplies for the next seven weeks. Another thing off the list.

I hadn't really had lunch and by this time -- 4 PM, I was getting hungry. Driving back towards my apartment became a time when a second wave of a storm blew in. As I was driving down Grand Avenue, looking for a good parking space in the pouring rain, I became frustrated because everything was full. I ended up here:

Am I in Europe already? Sort of looks like it. This is Salut -- a French bistro.

I ordered a coffee and a sandwich, and just enjoyed the great atmosphere and the great service. The wait staff here really know the menu and can answer questions. I couldn't eat all my sandwich, but told the waiter I would still like to see the dessert menu. He responded that no one ever eats all the sandwich that I had ordered, and boxed up half for me to take home.

For dessert I chose a miniature chocolate pudding. It fit both my appetite and my checkbook.

This restaurant has Julia Child Monday. When I get back from Europe I'm going to investigate that. The food is great and it feels good to dine a bit elegant once in awhile.

And remember the adage about there being silver lining behind every cloud. At sunset this was the view out my window:

electric lines and all.

I signed a lease to stay in this location for another year, so you will see more pictures out the window!

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