Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lublin at Night

After working on my photos and writing the blog entry below, I went to McDonald's for some ice cream. When I walked out I saw how beautiful Lublin is right after the sun sets. I started to walk towards the Europa Hotel to take a picture and then heard the cheers coming from down the street, and knew one team had scored in the profinal for Euro 2012.

Here are my pictures in the evening.

Unification Monument
People watching the profinal game between Germany and Italy.

Europa Hotel
The tower of the new Town Hall shown through a straw replica of a city gate.

When the moon is over Empik doesn't sound too romantic, but that's where it was!

And meanwhile when I was doing these pictures I was being chased by two men begging for money. Perhaps I told them is too good Polish that I only speak English and not Polish!

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