Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Unplanned Adventure

Yesterday I the apartment shuttle took me to the MSP airport about 5 PM for my 7:30 PM flight to Europe. After going through security I found I left my Kindle at home. Well, I guess I live without it. I went to a shop to by a book for the flight, and that's when I realized my credit cards were at home, too. That will not work for 7 weeks. I had some cash but not enough for 7 weeks' activities. So I went the taxi desk and got a taxi. I told the driver he was lucky because it is to my apartment and back. We had a one hour before boarding. We made the trip in 45 minutes and I got through security by the boarding time. This cost about $50.00! Dumb mistake!

Now waiting to check into my hotel. The Citizen M hotel charges 19.95 Euros if one checked it before 2 PM. Since I spent money yesterday, better save a bit today!

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Shaz said...

You certainly were lucky. Sounds like you need a check list before leaving home. <8-)) My husband and I used to travel to Australia every year on business for 4 to 9 weeks. We had a very detailed list - patio clear, kitchen appliances off, TV/Stereos unplugged, passports and tickets, medicines - that was in addition to a clothing list (that list accompanied us in case suitcases got lost. Everything you could think of. Now that we are retired, guess what? We still use the checklist.

Have a great time in Europe.