Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September Day

This morning the temperature was around 60 degrees (15-16 C). I thought this a nice change after 95 (35 C) yesterday afternoon. I went out for a walk primarily to check out the rules for using the dog park which is now in front of our building. I have a friend who wondered if one had to get a  permit or license prior to using the dog park -- answer no.

But it is definitely a September day.

The area in back of our building is full of barges.

This is a sign that harvest is underway. These barges will eventually be filled with grain, perhaps a bit further down the river -- by a bit I mean only 2-4 kilometers away, not a huge distance away.

I noticed the sumac is changing to red. This is always a sign of autumn.

I found someone fishing.

I noticed, too, she was talking on her cell phone. We don't seem to get away from the phone anymore!

And this evening a beautiful sunset showed up outside my window.

It's beautiful, these colors seem only to show up in autumn, but also it appeared about 7:30. The long days of summer are behind us.

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