Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Walking around My Home

I've been lots of places in the past few weeks and haven't spent much time seeing what is just out the door. Yesterday afternoon I walked down to Caribou to get a package of coffee. So nice to have Caribou Coffee so close, particularly if I return from being gone from Europe for several weeks and the cupboard is bare.

After this errand I walked around the corner to the fountain in the Upper Landing Park.This September day had a pleasant temperature and a bit of wind, blue skies and puffy clouds.  You can see the loveliness in the photo below.

Around another corner brought me to this typical fall view.

The trees are still green. In the distance one can see now a quiet tour boat. Near the shore on my side are barges, moored, waiting to be loaded with grain, corn, or soybeans as it is harvested in the Upper Midwest.

A bit down the sidewalk I came to a lovely garden courtyard for one of the nearby condo buildings.

I enjoyed, too, seeing the white wave of the grasses in the wind.

And the day lilies are still saying hello every morning.

The great thing about being semi-retired and only community faculty now is that I can take a walk like this in the middle of a Monday afternoon totally guilt-free!

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