Friday, September 21, 2012

Surprises on Friday

I set out this morning to do a 5K walk, and couldn't make up my mind about the weather. At first it was rainy, then sunny, and then rainy again. I decided to take a chance. My proposed walk was in Shoreview, MN. The first intersection that would take me to I-35 had a bit of road construction, so I decided to drive down further to my usual corner for work. Was I surprised -- There sat the American Queen.

I found a place to park and then walked back from photos.

The smoke stacks looked quite dramatic against the stormy sky.
Here's the paddlewheel.

 A crew member told me they had arrived at about 3 AM this morning.
I went onto the web site for the American Queen and found it will be back again on September 28, three times in October, and finally again on November 5.

I headed off to the walk location and the weather was sunny. So I went off on the walk around Snail Lake. Next surprise, the battery in my camera was dead. I think actually it is malfunctioning. Thus no photos, not even of the flock of wild turkeys that I strolled by. They weren't the least impressed with humans.

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Shaz said...

Boy you brought back a lot of memories. We lived in Shoreview during the 1960s.We lived near Lexington and Co. Road E. Lots of lakes there, and great friends. It was a wonderful place to bring up children.