Sunday, September 16, 2012

Minnehaha Creek Walk

On September 3 I wrote about walking around Lake Nokomis. In the same area there is a second walk route for walking along Minnehaha Creek. I decided to do that one this weekend.

This morning I woke up wide awake around 4 AM. I thought to wait to leave home until at least daylight, but about 5, sleeping sounded even better. Thus I didn't arrive in this neighborhood until almost 11 AM. Good thing for the police were just taking down street barricades. I saw lots of signs left over saying the area had been closed from 7 - 11 AM for an "event." This usually means a run, bike race or other such event.

I headed out along a walking path along Minnehaha Creek. The creek flows from Lake Minnetonka located in the western metropolitan area to the Mississippi River. Its last journey is a fall over Minnehaha Falls right before in enters the Mississippi.

It's no secret many parts of the country are experiencing a very dry weather. I just looked up and learned that the Minnetonka Lake is at its lowest level in 12 years; hence not much water is flowing in the creek.

Here's a view of a basically dry creek bed.

 However, despite the low water I did find some ducks that found a bit of place to feed.

 This walk was pleasant but not particularly scenic. I walked through grassy areas with some trees, but the fall colors are not yet appearing in this part of Minnesota. The dry weather has left all the shrubs and prairie flowers looking very bedraggled.

The path went along Hiawatha Lake for a bit, but at a distance. The picture below is about the closest I got to the lake on the mapped out route.

Glad to add another 5 K to my distance book. I will try this walk next spring when hopefully there will be some water in the creek and perhaps some spring flowers.

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