Saturday, September 15, 2012

Early Morning View

Today was the Faculty Conference at Metropolitan State University. I was responsible for staffing two information tables for the faculty attending the conference. The event started with coffee at 8:00 AM and I was asked to be there by 7:15 to get the tables set up. Arrived and found I was way too early. I'll know next time that I can wait until 7:45!! But I looked out the window about 7:20 and was awarded with an interesting view.

A tree in the courtyard was reflected in an interesting way in the puddle in the drive. Behind the tree is the classroom and office building called St. John's. A public university having a building named after a saint may be a bit unusual. This building's name is a remembrance of the fact that St. John's Hospital once occupied this site. There is a still a St. John's Hospital in the eastern metropolitan area, but it is located elsewhere, is larger and much newer.

So I guess the viewpoint in the puddle is a good example of when one has lemons, make lemonade.

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