Friday, September 7, 2012

Finding Cedarburg -- Adventure in getting lost

I left Saint Paul yesterday about 8:30 AM with the destination of Cedarburg, WI. I have been wanting to come here for a very long time, to both see the town and to do the Volksmarch here.

I made a reservation at the Washington House Inn. On the web site for this bed and breakfast hotel one gets the warning that due to its address Mapquest and GPS systems do not work.

Here's how addresses are done here:

I made good time traveling across Wisconsin and made a new discovery too. When I drove out of the range for Minnesota Public Radio I turned my car radio to the satellite service and while tuning around on it I discovered World Radio Network. Well, actually what took my eye faster is that the radio digital display said Polish News, only later did I learn I was listening to World Radio Network. I listened to Polish News for nearly an hour having great fun learning about new Soap and Dirt Museum in Bydogosc -- (I know written very poorly with my American keyboard) as well as tour through the castle in Lublin, a place I visited in June. Then the next hour the news came from the Czech Republic, then Slovakia, the Ireland, and the last I was listening to was about the work of psychiatric nurse in New Zealand who is trying to understand cultural perceptions about mental illness.

I was within 5 miles of what should be my turn off to Cedarburg when suddenly Hwy 60 was substantially detoured because of road construction. To make a long story short, when I got back to Hwy 60 I never found the expected turn into Cedarburg. Finally when I thought I had driven way too far east, I backtracked and took a county road south that went parallel to I-43. I pulled into a gas station and asked directions. I was told to go to the next intersection and then go about 2 miles west. That was working out OK until I hit another piece of road construction and got forced off onto a side street. I found myself right by a public library, so I went inside and asked the reference librarian for assistance. She was so helpful and in about 15 minutes I finally found myself at the B & B.

My room is the one withe two windows on the top floor right as you look this photo. The business district of Cedarburg is a historic district. Most of the buildings are made of pale yellow limestone blocks.

My room is lovely.

I took a walk in the immediate area and found many interesting things. How about these apples?

I found some puzzles in a toy store that will be wonderful for teaching English.

And I went into the Penzey's Spice Store just because I've never done that before -- even though there is one in Saint Paul.

I thought about the fact that my cinnamon bottle was getting empty. Where is the cinnamon? Oh maybe here?

Now it was time for the Social Hour at the B & B so I walked back and enjoyed this.

The wine was a locally made one, blush with some cranberry. One glass was fine, but I wouldn't buy a whole bottle. Well, it will be fun to try something different this evening!

I went out to do some more exploring.

The movie theatre was opening up, but Spiderman didn't take my interest.

I liked this display in an antique lighting store. A chandelier in a wheelbarrow -- not something we see every day!

Later I went next door to the Chocolate Factory for a bit more to eat.

I got a nice sandwich.

And then I got a junior Chocolate Factory Special Sundae.

This is the best ice cream I've had since leaving Pecs. Miss Hungarian ice creams very much!

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