Thursday, September 20, 2012

Summer Memories on a Cool Fall Day

Temperatures have last moved to more normal, from the abnormal of +90 degrees.That makes warm drinks sound even better, but truthfully I never give up coffee no matter how warm is the weather.

This summer while in Siedlce, Poland, some of the volunteers were looking for souvenirs and having bad luck being told that "this is not a tourist type town." Then we stumbled into a store on a side street that had the usual tourist things, much to the surprise of some of our Polish friends. (Well, yes, when one lives in a town, you don't go looking for the souvenirs.) That's a long way to explaining how I have a coffee cup with with Siedlce themes.

On top is a stroopwafel. I found a package of these in Schiphol airport. The English translation is Caramel Waffle Cookies. One is placed over the top of the cup holding a hot beverage. The heat from the beverage softens the caramel inside, and it's oh so yummy! Having these things in my kitchen brings back memories and also helps to make the time seem shorter until I can go back again!

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Shaz said...

Stroopwafels are the best. When my Dutch cousins visit (not often enough) they bring me a package (wish it were more than one.) On our last visit there several years ago we found several stroopwafel kiosks in the outdoor market in Delft and my cousin had to sample one to make sure I was getting a really fine supply!