Thursday, February 14, 2013

$23 Billion Ketchup

I was driving around accomplishing some errands today and listening to Minnesota Public Radio. A business news story coming across is that Warren Buffet bought Heinz.

Yes, indeed this is the "official" ketchup of the United States. This is almost a brand new bottle from my refrigerator. The story prompted me to really study the label. This bottle refers one to Who knew that that was the former owner? Surely not me!

And in the fine print on the label I learned the ketchup is made from tomatoes grown from "Heinz seed."

The news story went on to explain that Heinz changes the recipe from country to country to have it match the taste palate of the country. I surely know ketchup tastes different in Central Europe. The news story said we perceive ourselves as liking somewhat bland food, but actually American ketchup is spicier than that sold in many other countries.

Well, I'm off to Romania in two weeks. Almost one of the first things I will do upon arrival is walk across the street to the grocery store and read the label on the ketchup bottle to see what company manufactured it.

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