Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Sun is Back!

Years ago I took a meteorology course at the Science Museum of Minnesota. I learned a trivia fact -- that February 15 is the date when the sun warms enough it is statistically impossible to keep an outdoor ice rink frozen in Minnesota. Sometime later when I mentioned one of my favorite dates is February 15, someone asked, "Is that because it's the day all the Valentine's Day chocolate goes on sale?" So I explained the trivial sun fact.

Well, the week holding February 15 has arrived and it's good.

We've been having some snowfalls and the mornings can look like this:

But the streets are beginning to look like this
as the sun begins to melt the snow.

Finally waking up AFTER sunrise, which today was 7:09 AM. My older granddaughter gets on the school bus at 7:02, so now at least she is able to walk to the bus stop with some daybreak light. 

Here's the view I see from my bedroom and living room windows.
 Sunset has now moved to 5:42 PM. My Monday night Polish class now begins at 5:30 PM, so from now on I'll be arriving in daylight. That makes life much easier, because I park in area where one has to find an electronic station to pay for a parking space. It's really hard to find and use these stations in the dark. Makes me wonder if the designers every tried them in the dark!

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