Thursday, February 28, 2013

Service Fair Adventure

The blog has been quiet because all that is out my window is gray and snowy.

At Thompson Park Lodge, West St. Paul, MN while attending the Minnesota Department of Health Oral Health Summit, February 22

Snow Covered Roof at St. Olaf College, February 28

While we don't have as much snow as other places in the Midwest, at this point winter does get tiresome! I simply didn't want to waste everyone's time complaining about it.

Today I went to St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota as a volunteer for Global Volunteers to participate in the College's World Wide Service Fair.

There were many organizations represented, but in wandering around I found only one other that really offered the possibility of doing something internationally.

We had a lot of students stop by and ask questions. There was great interest in the program in Ecuador. Apparently through something from the College students had been there before and fallen in love with the country. Near the end one young man stopped by and explained he was going to Europe anyway this summer and thought he might as well do something.

The time went by very quickly.

This was my first time on this campus and enjoyed wandering about the building. I found the campus radio station.

There is a lot of art work, always interesting to see.

The painting below is called A Matter ofTime and the artist is Jill Ewald.

Lunch was provided by the College in the nearby Viking Theater Room.

Here I found some interesting wall sculptures.

The one above is called Leif Ericsson and the one below is St. Olaf.
Sorry I did not get the artist's name.

Fun to be in a new place! Enjoyed doing this volunteer activity very much. Hope we get some new volunteers.

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