Friday, February 1, 2013

Sun Dogs and Other Adventures

On Wednesday evening my younger daughter got married and then we had a reception after the ceremony. It was a bit after 12:30 when my older daughter and I got back to my apartment for some sleep. (Now by Poland standards this is early, but then again, I've never seen/been to a wedding in Poland on a Wednesday when most people had to go to work the next morning!)

I spent yesterday running here and there on errands and toting grandchildren around. I ended up with my two granddaughters spending the night with me. We had to be up at 6 AM to get my older granddaughter to school on time. When we got down into the garage -- (and is there anything better than an underground garage?) my granddaughter complained it was cold there. The car thermometer said 50 (10C). I told her it would be a lot colder when we got outside. By the time we got to her school the thermometer said -11 (-23C)! A good day for her to have door to door service and not be waiting on a corner for a bus!

Then I headed to the daycare center for the youngest one. By now the sun was just rising.

The little one is moving into the 4 year old talking stage and one never know where the conversation will go.

Nini: "I don't want to go to daycare."

Grandma: "Oh yes, you do. You can have stories and see your friends."

Nini: "And the alphabet."

Grandma: "Yes, the alphabet."

Nini: "And outdoors"

Grandma "No, I think it's too cold to play outdoors today."

Nini: "Oh Grandma, don't you know the moon is outdoors?"

After dropping her off, I headed to a restaurant for a quiet breakfast.

And that's when I saw the sundogs.

The whole scene was too broad for my camera. Here is one of them. Sun dogs always appear in twos, one on each side of the sun. They are made by the sun lighting ice crystals in the atmosphere. I associate them with clear, sunny, and very cold days. Makes a cold day just a bit more fun.

After breakfast I headed to the optical shop. I got new lens in my glasses, and oh my! I can see again. I had the other ones only 9 months, but my eyes really changed. I had to take my glasses off in the grocery store to focus on the items on the shelf! These kinds of things were getting quite annoying.

And there's something digital about the lens now, I don't understand how it works, but the peripheral vision is also much better.

Above are grand kids in the van on the way back to the hotel after the reception. Yes, the party's over (much to all our relief in many ways!) and now February begins.

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